xmas 2014 chez nous

actually at my parents' house...where we spent the entire day on Christmas. These photos were taken by myself and my sister Kim.

Simon, Isabella, cousin Gianna and all the presents

Isabella and Simon who refused to look at me...

Isabella getting too big WAY too fast

concentrating cousins

my mom holding Adelina and Gianna


This is SOOOO Simon...

both their names were on this one so they had to open it together


loves her electronics (third to reading and writing of course)

Simon and dad and a cool stormtrooper clock for his room (which I will be redoing soon!)

my dad and my niece Adelina

Kim and I got Adelina this gorgeous and incredibly soft blanket and I think she approves

my niece Gianna

cutie patootie Adelina

Hope you all had a fulfilling and fabulous Christmas! Stay tuned for some year end posts starting tomorrow.


merry christmas!!!

I'm taking this week off to get ready for Christmas and to enjoy some time off from my day job.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Happy holidays! xxoo

kind of style


liv & ali's shared bedroom

The lovely and talented Niki of my scandinavian home (I've been a big fan for ages) has recently redecorated her girls' room and it is right up my alley of eclectic, scandinavian cuteness. I couldn't wait to show it to you guys! This is giving me the itch to redo Isabella's room...or move to Sweden...

my scandinavian home


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