teepees and tents


  1. Beautiful teepees! I especially love the one at the top with what looks like world map print on the fabric, how cool! I've just finished a teepee for our two daughters' bedroom (this one: http://mixofwhimsy.com/2014/09/16/diy-girly-kids-indoor-teepee-tent-and-bedroom-pictures/ - not way as cool as the ones in these photos though) but looking at all these makes me want to make another one! Maybe I'll try to find map print fabric like that and make one for baby-on-the-way's room... thanks for the inspiration, lovely post!

    1. Your daughters' teepee is adorable Linda! (I've bookmarked it to add to my next teepee post)

  2. This is a great blog with cute images of kids’ teepees. I do have one for my daughter, which sits in her play house opposite the main house. I like the conical shape, especially for a real camping tent. Are you guys specialized with kids’ teepees only or do you have something to share on camping tents? I found some amazing tents here: http://wildernessmastery.com/camping-and-hiking/best-backpacking-tents.html

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