Dinner conversation

Isabella and I were sitting at the table having dinner and we were both quietly eating when she turns to me and says, "How was your dentist appointment this morning mommy?"

"It was good, boo." I replied.

"And when do you go back to work?" she asked.

"In a few weeks." I said sadly.

"I'm really going to miss you and I'll think about you when you're gone." said my wonderful daughter.

I love her so freaking much.

The boy - LIVE!!!

The little giggle monster (who needs his first haircut soon - look at those wings!)...


I didn't think it was possible...

Simon was sitting in his crib and actually pulled himself up to a standing position. Twice! I consider that a pretty big deal considering his ever so squeezable, extra-large size. YAY BOY!

We had to lower his crib mattress last night because he kept getting to his feet easily and fast. When I went to get him out of his crib first thing this morning, he was standing up with a big smile on his face!


Last night Isabella asked for some cereal so I asked her to get the milk out of the fridge. As she was doing so she said, "Wow. We really need to get groceries."

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

Hanging chairs/swings in kids' rooms

used to be lovattsmith.com


Jewel - RIP

My aunt and uncle's dog, Jewel, had to put down a few days ago because of a cyst on her paw. She was such an amazing dog and always gentle with the kids. I managed to find a bunch of pictures of Jewel with Isabella - couldn't find any with Simon though. Jewel will be deeply missed.


The amazing boo

Today is clean the house and do laundry day. woohoo.

I was talking to my sister Jen on the phone after cleaning all the toys in the basement and while I was talking the dryer buzzed (it was finished). Without even asking her, Isabella went over to the dryer and started pulling out all the clothes. She put them all in a pile for me and I started folding. Once the dryer was empty, she opened up the washing machine and emptied all the wet clothes into the dryer, put a fabric softener sheet in and pushed all the right buttons to start the dryer. I didn't say a word during this process except to congratulate her like crazy when she was all done.

Being lazy Having so little time, I don't fold anyone's underwear. Isabella watched me throw the underwear into the basket and she got mad at me then proceeded to show me how to properly fold underwear.

I promised her I would fold them next time.

Last night I was putting away laundry (never ending in this house) in Simon's room and the boo and the boy were in there with me. Out of the blue Isabella qutoes from her fav movie (Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred, of course), "Now you may not be as flexible as the girls but give me everything you've got!"

I almost peed my pants.


Flea market purchases

This morning Pablo and I, the kids, my sister Kim, and her boyfriend Jeff all went to the Lansdowne Flea Market. It took maybe 45 minutes to go through the whole place and there was very little that caught my eye. I was pretty disappointed but I did score a very cool painting ($60) and lamp ($20). I also bought 12 hardcover books for the kids ($12). The lamp found a home in my bedroom and the painting got hung over the teak buffet in our eat-in kitchen area.


This morn

For breakfast this morning I had made Isabella some cheerios with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries (there was a 3 for $5 sale so I just had to buy 3 of each...). She started eating then got up from the table and went over to the sink and grabbed a clean cup and said, "It would taste so much better with a nice glass of milk."


Crafty project

I had bought some vintage wallpaper scraps from etsy (the same etsy store where I bought some fabric for Isabella's room) and wasn't quite sure what to do with them till yesterday...



I am SO happy with the results!!! Isabella loves it too - she told me it was beautiful.

The weird places she falls asleep...

The other night I put Isabella to sleep and when I thought she was asleep I went in the basement to clean up all the toys. When I was coming back up the stairs some time later, I saw something in the hall...

My guess is she woke up, realized I wasn't upstairs and decided to sleep facing into the bathroom - I had left the light on in there (a nightime routine). After taking this picture I picked her up and put her back into her bed and luckily she didn't wake up.

My little cutie pie

Here was Isabella in October of last year - just before Simon was born. She was 27 months old.


Etsy purchases for Isabella's room

Can I just say how much I love etsy? I really, really love etsy. Maybe too much since I've been buying quite a bit lately (sorry Pablo!). It is all for a good cause - making our house more of a home...LOL. Convincing? My latest purchases have been for redecorating Isabella's room. The plan is to vintage, shabby chic up her room. Fun, fun, fun. It's going to look so cute and girly when it's done! Here's some photos from etsy of what I've bought for her room:

A white bedspread for her bed.

I only have white blinds up in her window and these curtains are just so gorgeous I couldn't resist. They'll soften up her window quite nicely I think.

I fell in love with this chintz fabric. Not exactly sure what I'll use it for (see next photo).

Bought this fabric too. I want to make a headboard for her bed that consists of a piece of fabric hanging above the bed and framed with some painted moulding. The dilemma is whether to use this one or the chintz. Whichever fabric isn't used for the headboard will be used for throw pillows for the bed.

So freaking cute - to sit on her dresser.

More cuteness for on top of the dresser.

And this is for me - because I deserve it! 6 Vera Neumann cotton napkins. Maybe I'll put them in some of the bazillion embroidery hoops I have and hang them...somewhere...

Sheers/mosquito netting for kids' beds


Last night Pablo was sitting on Isabella's bed with Simon and he was about to start reading a book to Isabella. I was in our bedroom tidying up when Isabella walks in and says, "How many times do I have to tell you?" and points at a mess on the floor. Without waiting for a response she walks back into her room and sits back down on the bed and says to her dad, "Now, where were we..."

Gotta love 3 year olds with attitude...


The boy's room

Did a bunch of work yesterday fixing up Simon's room. Isabella's room still needs lots of work (I need to make a headboard and get new bedding) so I'll post that when it's looking half decent. Thank goodness I still have a few more weeks of maternity leave!

Right now I'm using the bed as a changetable. Simon is the length of his old changetable and the second you lay him on it he tries to roll and it just annoyed the crap out of me. Now I sit on the bed next to Simon and he can move a bit without falling. When he outgrows the crib, that bed will go on the wall where the crib is and the dresser will move down so that it is more centered under the art grouping. It's a tiny room so once the crib is out it'll be way less crowded. Ohhh...I just remembered, I bought two more paint by numbers on Etsy that will have to be added to the grouping once they arrive (or maybe just leaning on a shelf since I think I 'll have to buy frames).


Eatin' and talkin'

Isabella is around 21 months in this clip. My cutie patootie with her priceless expressions! (I have no idea why the videos came out with the height being more than the width - hence the annoying black space...)


The boo

November 2007. Isabella was 16 months old. Loved to play with clothes, blankets, etc. (always made a big mess in no time) and peekaboo was one of her favs.


Simon was playing on the kitchen floor while I made dinner and he happened to cut his finger on a vent thingy that was on the wall. I only noticed because Isabella asked what all the red stuff was. Turns out Simon had rubbed his cut finger all over the bottom of the fridge. Gross. I wrapped a cloth around his finger and carried him upstairs to get bandaids. I ran his hand under cold water for awhile then held him tight to put a whole bunch of bandaids on it. Not once did he cry or even let out a wimper. I commented on how he was so good. Isabella replied, "No mommy, Simon is so BRAVE!"


I went back to making dinner and Isabella said, "I want a sister in my belly so that it can grow big."


Back to making dinner...


I decided that it was about time to go through all the video we've taken since we bought our video camera a couple years ago (thanks Peggy!). I've spent over two days sorting through it and making little video clips that I can post here. I'll start posting some very soon.

Isabella thought it was so strange seeing videos of herself when she was much smaller. Some of the videos where she would be whining or crying she would run over to the computer to look and then she started crying because she thought it was so sad...talk about sensitive! There was even one clip she came over to look at where I had put her in a laundry basket when she was around one year old - she looked at it and started crying and said, "Mommy, you have to get me out of that basket!" In the video she was having fun in the basket so I don't know why she freaked out looking at it. So I basically tried to keep her away from the computer while I was working on the videos. All this just made me realize that I have to take way more video than I do now. I only found one video of Simon! Now that he is crawling and soon to be talking, etc. I have to be more diligent about capturing it all on video.

Sheers/mosquito netting used in nurseries


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