My munchkins

We had an impromptu photo shoot at breakfast this morning. (Isabella insisted on changing into her winter fleece pyjamas for breakfast).

Then Isabella decided she needed to do her 'homework' (lovin' the shades):

And here's both kids just being their adorable selves:

The lil' teethies


Poop and boobs

Here is what transpired about 30 minutes ago:

I had put Isabella in the bathtub and went to get Simon undressed so he could go in the bath with his sister. (Aside: my children are both really, really tall for their ages and since I lay Simon down, they have very little room.) As I was undoing Simon's diaper, I came to the quick realization that he had pooped and I said something out loud about yet another poopy diaper (Isabella had an awful one earlier today).

From the bathtub, Isabella asks loudly, "Did the poop go all the way up to his boobs?"

So here is where I must explain...

My mom had Isabella the other day and Isabella had an awful, runny poop that went EVERYWHERE and my mom expressed to Isabella at some point how it was such a bad poop that it went up to her boobs. Isabella forgets NOTHING and so that is where her lovely and thoughtful question above came from.

Thanks Mom!!! :)


Off we went to Wal-mart this morning to get baby food and some movies for Isabella. Isabella has been watching Thumbelina for a few months now and often recites large parts of it. We figured we needed to enrich her movie watching so we bought 4 more movies hoping that she'll give Thumbelina a rest for awhile. (She is watching Monsters Inc right now.)

While we were at the cash Isabella noticed some Dora markers and insisted that she have them. Her father agreed and the cashier put them in her own little bag.

While we were in the car heading home she asked her dad what was in her little bag and her dad said that they were markers.

Isabella replied, "They're not markers...they're EXPENSIVE markers."


I attempted to feed Simon some avocado yesterday. It did not go over well at all. The look of disgust on his face was priceless and that wasn't all - he had full body tremors from it that made his arms wave wildly...I must have laughed for a good 5 minutes. Even Isabella asked me what his problem was.

As Simon was getting over the avocado tremors, Isabella was eating a huge (HUGE) amount of broccoli. Twice I had to give her more. I touched her forehead to make sure she didn't have a fever or something...


Grocery shopping II

Isabella now calls grocery shopping 'grocerying'.

Off to the grocery store we went when Simon woke from his nap. It was around noon and I guess Isabella was hungry. We start our 'grocerying' and Isabella says, "I'm hungry" and runs over to the bakery counter and asks the woman there, "Do you have any sample cookies?" Lucky for her, the woman laughed and gave her a cookie.



Andrea Larsson

Amanda Nisbet Design

Adam Friedberg

And the toilet training officially begins...

So far so good. Isabella has been wearing 'big girl panties' all morning and no accidents yet. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought...

She cracks me up

Isabella is over at her little table playing with playdoh and asks, "Dad, can you give me a hand over here?"

A few minutes later she asked, "A little hand over here?"


Random things

A few months ago, I was in the kitchen making breakfast and Isabella wanted something upstairs. I couldn't go get it for her and she didn't want to go up by herself. I told her that I would count all her steps as she went upstairs and I would do it loud so she could hear me the whole time. It worked like a charm and ever since then, if she needs to go on another floor by herself, she asks me to count her steps. It happened this morning except I accidentally stopped counting before she made it back to me.

She bellowed from upstairs, "MOM! KEEP COUNTING PLEASE!"

We had all gone out for a walk one night after dinner and Isabella tripped on a crack in the sidewalk (?) and skinned her knee pretty bad. Her dad carried her back home and he put some kid bandaids on it. We have about 6 different kinds that Isabella has picked out - Spongebob, Batman, Barbie, Dora, Hello Kitty. Okay so maybe we only have 5 kinds. Anyway, this time she asked for Batman to be used on her knee and to make sure she kept the bandaids on, her dad told her that she couldn't touch them because Batman was 'doing his work'. She realized the importance of this and therefore she didn't touch her bandaids that night. The next morning when Isabella woke up the first thing she asked was 'Did Batman do his work?'. Now everytime she has on a bandaid she asks if Dora, Barbie, etc are 'doing their work'. Too funny.

Simon is still as good as ever and still never cries and never fusses and is never unhappy. He is an absolute PRO at waving. We got home last night from visiting my parents and I walked into the house with him and as always the cat greeted us and Simon stuck his hand out and waved to her like crazy.


Isabella and the chippies

There are a bunch of chipmunks (we refer to them as the chippies) that we feed at my parents' house. Isabella thinks this is the coolest thing ever and would sit and feed them for hours (if she had the attention span...).

Here she was told that the chipmunk feeding would be documented so that she could look at the pictures whenever she wants!

Here is the chippie making his way to her:

Next comes the actual feeding of the chippie:

And finally when all the chippies were nice and full and went to go bury their stash, Isabella did her chippie happy dance:

Call me

Isabella was saying goodbye to her dad (he was on his way to work) when she said,

"If you're not going to call me, then don't call me...(dramatic 10 second pause) but call me."

Our little drama queen...


Words on walls

The head shake

When Simon eats something he doesn't like, he scrunches up his face and shakes his head from side to side. It is so funny. This morning I shook my head and said 'No' and attempted to get Simon to copy me and shake his head. AND HE DID IT! 4 or 5 times. And then he would laugh right after - probably because I was cracking up at the cuteness of it. Oh he is such a fun baby!


Stomach issues

My stomach was killing me after dinner and I had to explain this to Isabella (she was wondering why I kept having to run to the bathroom). Her dad called and she answers the phone and says,

"Mommy's tummy is sore so don't hurt her feelings."

Always looking out for her mommy.

Another miracle!!!

Isabella ate GREEN BEANS! I repeat, GREEN BEANS!

I put a whole lot of butter on them but whatever, she ate 4 really long ones and I was so darn proud.

It's a really good day.

The wave

We've been teaching Simon to wave hello/goodbye for the past few weeks and I think today he has got it down pat. He waved to my mom when she was waving bye to him and he waved bye to Isabella when she was going down for her nap. It is the cutest wave. He puts his arm up in the air then stares at his hand and concentrates on making it move. Adorable. Maybe we should teach him to blow kisses next...



Isabella was helping her dad fold the laundry when she came across one of my bras.

She picked it up and said, "This is for mommy's boobies."

She asked her dad to put it on her which he did reluctantly and she then asked, "How do you like my boobies?"

Her dad isn't letting her out of the house till she's 35.



Last night my mom was over helping me get the kids ready for bed. She was holding Simon in his rocking chair and Isabella came running over and dropped down to her knees. On my mom's foot. Hard.

My mom was in ALOT of pain. After the shock wore off, she took Isabella into the bathroom to get her into the bath.

My mom: "I think my toe is broken!"
Isabella: "Can I check if it's wobbly?"


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