2 more days of 'normal'

I don't even know what normal is anymore...

Normal is my husband having day passes to come home and him spending his nights at the hospital.

Normal is Isabella freaking out every time Pablo has to head back to the hospital (and yesterday she was in hysterics).

Normal is Simon not having a clue what is going on.

Pablo's surgeon came by to see him last night to explain what will happen Monday. The surgery will take around 6 hours. It is that long because once the tumour has been removed, they have to wait for the swelling to go down before they can put things back together and stitch him up (I won't write about the details - it isn't pretty). He'll be kept under for at least another 3 hours after surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation will be started about one month after the surgery so that his body has some time to recuperate.

Monday is definitely going to be the longest day of my life.

This morning, Pablo is going golfing. He figures this might be his only opportunity this summer to do it since he might not have the energy to do it once chemo and radiation start. Obviously he loves his golf.

I'm hoping to take more family photos at some point this weekend - maybe outside since it is going to be somewhat warm.


  1. Oh Julia. Sorry about Isabella freaking out. That's got to suck for everyone, including her. I'm thinking about you. Hugs.

  2. Julia,

    I only recently started reading your blog (found you via Anne @ the City Sage), but I have been praying my heart out for you guys. I can't imagine how hard this is, especially with such young children. I'll keep praying that the surgery goes well and that he recuperates fully. Hugs to you all.

  3. I really get the normal thing...I bet you look back on your life only a few weeks ago and think what was that life? Where did it go? It almost dosn;t seem possible that life can change so much so quickly and you all just have to somehow find a new normal and keep chugging along doing all the stuff like eating and washing etc while all the time this unbelievably huge thing has happened!!! I want to run outside and scream for you. Sending you my love, and trust that one day this will all be a memory that you and Pablo and your family will get through it all.

  4. You guys are so sweet and your comments never fail to brighten my day. Hugs to you all!

  5. Lo siento. Llevo tiempo siguiendo tu blog, pero como no conozco muy bien tu idioma no me he dado cuenta antes de lo que ocurre. De veras que lo siento. Lamento muchísimo que estés pasando por tan duro momento. Deseo de corazón que todo salga bien y que pronto volváis a la normalidad. Un millón de besos desde aquí, España.

  6. ((((((Julia+Pablo)))))),

    I *HATE* that you guys are having to go through this. If there were any way for me to take away all the fear and heartache and pain ... I would in a heartbeat.

    I *HATE* to see the fear that this is putting in Isabella. She's a smart litle girl. I knew that she would 'sense' that something bad's going on.

    I pray for skill in the surgeon's hands and MIRACLES in your family's lives. I want this to turn out to be OK for you, Pablo. I want healing and health and a long-long life for you.

    I believe in miracles and I believe that many people praying together can accomplish those miracles.

    Julia, I know tomorrow is going to be a long-long, horrible day for you. I hope you know that herds-and-herds of us are crowding into that waiting room with you ... praying with you, holding you, hugging you. We *ALL* want the same thing that you do ... healing for your husband and no pain for you husband, and a long-long marriage with many-many grandbabies and great grandbabies. Picture all of us standing there with you (I'll be the one with the antlers and the brown, fuzzy fur :D ).

    MIRACLES, Julia!! BELIEVE!! BIG HUGS (and love).


  7. Best of luck for you guys tomorrow! we'll be thinking of you here in Portugal, sending you lots of positive energy.



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