Day 2 of recovery

Pain levels were pretty bad today. Pablo is doing really well considering. No black eye yet. The left side of his face and head are still swollen but damn, he looks good for having had brain surgery two days ago.

He is able to sleep a bit better and he ate all his hospital lunch today. That in itself is impressive considering the food quality.

I stayed with him for about 5.5 hours today. He slept half the time but I certainly didn't mind - I rather enjoyed the quiet time.

Isabella is spending the night with my parents so it's just Simon and I tonight. I am pooped.

I'm going to spend a whole bunch of time with the kids tomorrow. They need that and my parents could definitely use a break. My house needs cleaning too and I have to do work work. Yikes, I think I'm going to have yet another busy day tomorrow but I'm used to it.

Nighty night all.


  1. No black eyes *AMAZING* ... I had black eyes when I had my eyelids lifted :geeze:

    I'm glad you had a restful day today. Sitting in a chair dozing in a hospital when the one you love is on the *right side* of surgery *IS* a restful day :smile:

    If Pablo can eat hospital food ... it must be just about time for him to come home.

    Glad you're spending the day with the kids tomorrow ... your "little genius" will sense that your mood is *GREATLY* uplifted. It's always great to be around the little ones ... they do a lot for our mood and our perspective, don't they.

    Sleep tight ... no bedbugs ... no biting ... happy dreams ... and MANY HUGS.

    Barb http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/moose53/MINIS/PLANTS/flowercow.gif

  2. Glad to hear he's recovering. And that he's able to eat hospital food is definitely encouraging. =)

    Enjoy your time with the kiddos tomorrow. I'm sure they'll love being able to spend some time with you. Also - I meant to comment earlier, but Isabella & the pancakes cracked me up.

  3. So happy to hear about the recovery and eating (I agree on the bravery). You're super woman!

  4. Remember to repeat my mantra...this too shall pass....Have fun with the kids...the housework will still be there regardless if you do it or not, time with your kids goes in a wink...cheers from OZ Katherine

  5. Hope he starts feeling better asap! :)



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