He had a rough night

Pablo called me around midnight. He said the nurses had to change his bed linens three times in a row because he was sweating so profusely that everything was drenched in minutes. They did some bloodwork to find out the cause but I haven't heard anything yet. Pablo also got really confused last night - something about his nurses and who he had through the night. Pablo always knows each of his nurses by name and he knows their shifts so when this information got all jumbled last night, it worried him.


  1. Oh, you poor things -->> BIGGEST HUGS EVER <<-- :sad:

    I'll just bet Pablo's never really been sick before. He reminds me of my Mom the first time that she went to the hospital. Everything scared her ... including the nurse trying to take her temperature when she was asleep (she picked up a knife on the table and went after the nurse). Geeze!!

    You've gotta have a talk with that guy of yours. He's gotta stop letting everything bring up a fear response in him ... pain (after surgery) is natural, sweating is natural (they've been futzing about in your head, Pablo), difficulty sleeping is natural (I can vouch for that one).

    Julia, see if they have any relaxation CDs at the library. If you could play some for him and get him to talk about what he's feeling (maybe while you're stroking his head or his hand or his back).

    The only way through all this *CRAP* is through it. Pablo's gotta put up with all the weird feelings and experiences until his body balances out again. It's gonna take time (and patience).

    He's gotta focus on taking real good care of himself ... eating well, trying to sleep enough, trying to feel calm and balanced -- these are all steps that are going to get him back home faster to you and the kids.

    Maybe the next time you guys see each other, you can plan what his first day at home will be like ... what will he eat, what pajamas will he wear, which kid will he hug first, what's gonna be the first silly, smart thing that Isabella says that will make him laugh ... plan for the better days.

    BIG HUGS (and love and healing prayers).

    Barb (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/moose53/MINIS/HUGS/brightertomorrows.gif)

  2. Barb, this was Pablo's eighth or ninth surgery (I've lost track...). Due to the seriousness of this surgery and the fact that there are still some unknowns, little problems that surface just have us all worried.



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