Pablo got a call from a surgeon yesterday. This surgeon will do his hernia surgery on April 19th! Pablo's only other option was to go to Toronto on May 3rd to have it done there. He would have to stay in Toronto for 4 days and it would have cost us some money that we don't have. Having the surgery here means at most he might have to stay at the hospital overnight. No big deal. Pablo hasn't even had a consultation with this surgeon yet - that is scheduled for next Tuesday.

I'm hoping to take some long overdue photos from around the house. And of my new hair. I've been extra exhausted the last few weeks so I just haven't had the energy to take photos, tweek photos and then post photos. So stay tuned. Now that I've said it, I gotta do it!


  1. Last fall my husband and I were faced with the same hernia-repair crisis. Both the money and the time away from home were pressing issues for us. He did end up getting his hernia repaired in Toronto (at the same clinic you're referring to). I was very close to delivering our second child when his surgery was scheduled and I was very afraid that he would be away from home when I went into labour. Anyhow, I gave birth to our son on a Friday and my husband left for his surgery two days later. He was away for four days...but it it was worth the time and the money. If you can scrape together the funds you won't regret it. Good luck!

  2. By the way. LOVE your new hair!

  3. That's crazy that your husband had to leave two days after you gave birth! Glad it turned out okay for him. We really thought that Toronto was our only option but with this surgeon offering to do it here, makes things a whole lot easier. We'll see how the consultation today goes.

    And thank you!

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