Look what I brought home today!

The newest addition to my collection (this is antler #3):

isn't she a beauty?!?!?!?

I most certainly must thank Jim for finding the antler (hopefully not stuck in a tractor tire) and Laurie for stuffing it in her suitcase and lugging it from Alberta back to Ottawa. You guys are the best!!!


  1. Ain't she purty?!?!?! LOL! We gotta figure out where to find some locally. I think I'm addicted...

  2. Hi, We will be in Toronto at the end of July, any chance we could meet halfway?

  3. I'm jealous too! :\ Just got back from vacation & I'm catching up on your blog.. So happy that Pablo won the contest!! Very much so deserved.

  4. How funny! In the suitcase--that's a true friend.

  5. Well hello there Erin!!! Are you serious about meeting?!?!?!? Shoot - I'd be honoured to meet a courageous and inspirational mom like yourself. We all would. Pablo has some upcoming surgeries (for his urology issues) which he is going to find out some approximate dates on July 8th when he sees his urologist. If the end of July is clear for us that would be awesome to meet you guys!

    Hollie - I'm jealous that you got to go on vacation! I did take tomorrow and Thursday off work so we can go to the cottage. Tiny vacation but I am really looking forward to it. We haven't had a family vacation in years. Thanks! - re contest.

    Collette - she sure is! and Jim too!



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