holiday family photos

the mountain of gifts at my parents place
we got to my parents' place early xmas morn to have a delish crepe breakfast - Simon's fav
the kids opening up their stockings
not really a stocking - more like a really large gift bag overflowing with goodies...
a snow globe!
opening presents
a big cousin hug
snack time - cause opening presents is hard work! (my dad with boo and cousin Gia)
Gia's new shopping cart that Simon fell in love with
Zio Jeff made all this for Simon - his very own 'shop'
testing out her new jammies
all dressed up
these 3 are so stinking cute
boo and dad
the boy and dad
the kids on Christmas eve at our house
the lil house on the left Isabella made at school and the house on the right I made with the kids
xmas gift from Renee over at the blog Miss Walker. Thanks Renee! (my fav lvg room on the cover)
art I bought Isabella for xmas
deer art I bought Simon for his wall for xmas
Isabella's fav gifts (besides the Nintendo DS we got her) - baking stuff!!!
And now, some family photos taken Christmas day:


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