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This week marked the end of grade 1 for Isabella. Her report card was fantastic as always. Didn't get a chance to cook much this week. One night we went out to dinner to celebrate the end of school, one night was leftovers and one night I had a bad migraine so cooking wasn't happening. This is an extra long weekend for me - tomorrow is Canada Day and I took Tuesday off since it's Isabella's 7th birthday! 7!!! Crazy!!!

I made a couple of super delicious meals this week. The first was a meal I made one night when we had my parents over for dinner - saucy Italian drunken noodles. A definite keeper.

the cozy apron

I also made this AMAZING chicken - easy honey mustard baked chicken. I made it with mashed potatoes and green beans. YUMM-O. And easy peasy.

good life eats

We're having Isabella's birthday dinner at my parents' house Tuesday and I plan on baking chocolate cloud cupcakes.

heather christo

I've been meaning to tell you all about this salad that I've brought for lunch every day for the last month - it's a watermelon and peach salad. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it but trust me, it is refreshing and the perfect lunch for work. I cut up watermelon and a white peach. On top of that I crumble up feta cheese and rip up a bunch of fresh mint. Then I sprinkle a ton of pepper over the top. The dressing is olive oil and red wine vinegar. THE PERFECT SUMMER LUNCH. My mom had served this as a side salad with a meal of flank steak and potatoes and I've been in love ever since. Thanks mom!

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