eclectic kids' rooms


  1. Stunning kids' rooms! I love how you featured both very stark color palettes with white, black and grey and very brightly colored ones. The former is not the first thing I would think about when thinking of a kid's room but they look really cool so it's great for inspiration, and the latter just makes me happy as I love all the pretty colors! I've blogged about your post on my blog (with full credit and links of course), I hope that's all right - would love for more people to get to see all your pretty finds!

    1. Thanks Linda! And no problem sharing my posts - I'm flattered! I am very much tempted to turn my son's room into a black and white room but since he loves green, it would have to be black, white and kelly green. :)

  2. Lovely to see Maisyn's colourful room included in your round-up, thanks Julia! x Steph (Bondville)



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