7 flavored syrup cocktails to make this holiday season

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If you have the equipment and want to make great cocktails, you need to get the right ingredients. Most of these ingredients can be found at your grocery store or liquor store. While some of them are expensive, one of the most common ingredients include flavored syrups. With these ingredients, most of these cocktails are affordable and easy to make at home.

What's flavored syrup? It's a combination of sugar and water. It's really easy to make syrup. If you want to make it so good that your cocktails come out perfectly, you'll have to measure consistently. You can do this by combining one cup of water with one cup of sugar into a saucepan.

Aside from measuring, another thing you have to think about is dissolving your sugar into the water. Combine both ingredients into a saucepan over medium heat and stir it until the sugar is completely dissolved. You don't want it to boil since it'll make it too sugary. Allow it to cool at room temperature and transfer it to a container and store it in your fridge. Flavored syrup will stay in the fridge for about a month or so.

As the holidays arrive, bartenders will be using this syrup to liven up their cocktails. While the harvest season officially starts in the winter, using maple syrup and spices is ideal in the autumn. Some bartenders have already rolled out their holiday-themed drinks. Here are some of the best maple syrup drinks you'll want to make for your next holiday party.

The Harvest Moon cocktail is the perfect holiday drink with its combination of vanilla and nutty flavors. Papar's Pilar and Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos are mixed together to bring out its woodiness and nuttiness. Acid phosphate and maple syrup round out this drink. It's then stirred and poured into a glass for that added hint of sophistication and aroma.

The Maple Bacon Fizz is sure to warm you up this holiday season. This cocktail is topped off with fizzy maple syrup and a slice of bacon that's tantalizing on the palette. The maple syrup is poured directly into a bourbon which turns into a maple-flavored whiskey. When it comes to the fizz, the whiskey is then mixed with a lemon flavored syrup and a white egg for that extra frothiness. Concentrated bitters top off this flavorful drink.

The Suspended Ginger is a favorite in bars and lounges in the coldest climates. This drink is made with maple syrup and vanilla and citrus liquor. The flavors are balanced out with ginger and are finished off with orange bitters.

The Bartender's Handshake cocktail is mixed with apple juice, maple syrup, and bacon jam. Yes, bacon jam. It's topped off with a hint of Sazerac rye and garnished with an oven roasted apple. This fun cocktail is not overly complicated to make or drink.

The Aces drink is perfect for the gentleman who likes a strong drink. It's the kind of drink you'd see the characters on Mad Men drink. This simple cognac is paired with spirits and pear flavored maple syrup. It's finished off with an orange peel and a hint of concentrated bitters.

The Short Stack looks dreamy with its frothy finish. This drink is made with blueberry flavored vodka, buttermilk, vanilla, and a whole egg. It's as if you're eating a blueberry pancake infused with alcohol. Instead of fruity notes, it includes pomegranate syrup. This drink is shaken dry, then shaken with ice, and topped off with concentrated bitters that are made with gentian, herbs, and spices.

The Ginger is one of the spiciest drinks on this list. It's the perfect drink to take you into the holiday season. This autumn drink is made with two ounces of spirit and is topped off with apple cider. This bourbon is mixed with marshmallow milk, sweet carrot acid, and ginger-made maple syrup. It's then finished off with apple flavored hard cider.

These are just some alcoholic drinks that can be made with syrup. Most of these are sure to whet your palette this holiday season. Want to make a simple cocktail with maple syrup? Try the Aperol Sour or the Perfect Pear, both of which are infused with lemon juice or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Remember to drink responsibly this holiday season.


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