He can do it!

I was changing Simon's diaper yesterday and wouldn't you know it, he lifted his legs up in the air and touched his toes! Not only did this look pretty effortless for him (no moaning and grunting) but he actually had a smile on his face too! Everytime he was laying on his back yesterday I would ask him to touch his toes and he would do it. Very cool for my extra large boy who adores his cereal....so much so that when I try to sneak a bite of fruit or vegetables in his mouth he'll close his mouth tight. How the heck does he know when it hasn't even made it into his mouth?!?!?!?! He cracks me up.


As per Kim's request, here are some photos. The first two are of his chunky legs:

These next 4 pics document the work involved in reaching those cute toes:


  1. i think you should take a closeup of those massive thighs of his and post it here. :)

  2. LOL!!! Awesome!! thanks for the update!



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