Soccer on the deck

Isabella and I just came inside after over an hour of kicking a ball out on the back deck. Simon spent the time outside with us in his exersaucer and as usual didn't make a peep the whole time. So of course Isabella said and did some bloggable stuff:

Due to the fence being put in and the large amount of rain we got, the grass beyond the deck is really wet, soggy and muddy. We tried to keep the ball on the deck but on occasion it would land in the grass and I would carefully go get it. One of these times I made it back onto the deck and Isabella said, "That was heroic!" I even asked her to repeat it. She said it again quietly as if she had said a bad word. My little smarty pants.

At one point Simon coughed a few times. Isabella ran over and handed me the ball and said, "Hold this! I have to go burp Simon." So she ran over to him and started gently patting him on the back. She loves her brother. We also gave him a ball to play with and every time it went out of his reach Isabella would pick it up and give it back to him.

Just before posting this, I started choking on a Junior Mint and Isabella ran over and started patting me on the back. She loves her mama too.

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