Isabella at almost 3 years old is now wearing a size 11.5 shoe. OMG her feet are enormous.

Simon coos and babbles ALOT. He is a pro at touching his toes now and is quite good at sitting up by himself.

Isabella LOVES to be outside - especially at Nonna and Nonno's house. She really enjoys gardening (? - she definitely didn't get that from me). The hunt is on to find child size gardening gloves.

Simon (at one week shy of 7 months) is comfortably wearing 18 month clothing. I am not sure his shoe size but his feet are huge too (even a salesperson at a children's clothing store couldn't believe how big his feet were the other day).

Isabella is wearing size 5/6. It is rare that any piece of clothing makes it past one season. Poor us ($$$).

Simon loves to stand up (with help of course) so maybe he will skip the crawling phase like his sister did.

Isabella can make Simon laugh no matter what she does. She can fart and he finds that the funniest thing ever. He never takes his eyes off her.

I got Isabella to eat a couple bites of broccolli and green beans the other night (that would be 2, yes 2 green vegetables). It took some bribery (okay alot) but who cares as long as I was able to make the miracle happen.

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