Stuff my kid says...

Due to the fact that Isabella says some of the craziest things, I thought I would start posting them. I have the worst memory and this way they will never be forgotten.

The other night I put Isabella to sleep in her bed and she attempted to come into our bed a few times...so typical. I must have fallen asleep and next thing I knew she was running down the hall towards our room and with a swan dive, was laying next to me.

She looked over at me and she must have seen the glare on my face even in the darkness of the room because then she said, "I know what you're going to say..." and turned over and went to sleep. That's my girl!

Her newest saying is when we ask her to do something she says, "You have so many demands!"

Out of the blue yesterday she used the word 'jackass' about 10 times. Wonderful.

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