Tonight Simon and I read Isabella some books in her room and then we tucked her in and went into Simon's room (right next to Isabella's room) to put him to bed. As I was rocking him to get him somewhat sleepy the following took place:

Isabella asked loudly from her bed, "Can you sing a song?"

"Sure, what song should I sing?" I asked.

"Hmm Hmm. You know...that one," she replied.

(Here is where I interrupt the conversation replay to say that I don't sing. Ever. I can't sing for the life of me and therefore don't make my kids suffer so I hum instead.)

"Oh okay. Hmm Hmm..." and I began to hum something random.

"Yeah that's the one!" she replied.

I tried not to laugh because Simon was in his eyes half closed sleepy zone.

And then she fell asleep a few minutes later.

In her own bed.

Without throwing a fit about how my bed is just so much more comfy than hers.

I'm sure she'll come sneaking into my room by 11:30pm.

UPDATE: it was 11:02pm when the sneak-in happened

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