My boy Simon

Let me start by saying that Simon is the best baby on the planet. I am SO not kidding or exagerating. Here is typical Simon with a smile on his face:

He is happy and smiling 97% of the time. The other 3% is when he has a bad dream and cries a bit in his sleep (calmed when the pacifier gets reinserted) or when there is a loud noise that scares him and he cries. That is it.

Simon does not cry when he is tired. He grunts or rubs his face on your shoulder. When he is hungry he grunts a bit but never cries. Dirty diapers do not phase him. He had a cold a month or two ago and he was a bit quieter than normal but still all smiles and not fussy. Truly unbelieveable.

We take Simon out of the house and he'll cat nap in the car for 10 minutes and does not get upset that he didn't get a full nap - he just wakes up happy and smiling. He has never cried or been fussy out in public. He just goes with the flow.

He doesn't play strange at all. Strangers look at him and he always smiles back. Anyone can pick him up and he'll stay happy (and try to grab your hair). He loves everyone and loves the attention.

Simon often likes to put himself to sleep in his crib (AMEN!!!). I'll even try rocking him and he'll fidget which means 'I can do this myself Mom'. BEST OF ALL is that my baby does not cry when he wakes up. All he does is start talking and playing and kicking the side of the crib. That is how I know he is awake. I can even wait a half hour and then go get him and HE IS FINE WITH THAT. Unreal. How did we get so insanely lucky????

The first 11 weeks were very different...you see Simon wasn't born this happy. He was far from being happy the first few months. He cried alot. And as he would cry he would wiggle around and try to bring his knees up to his chest. It was obvious he was having major stomach pains. So started lots of visits to the doctor. We changed his formula to a hypo allergenic formula which helped a bit and started him on Zantac but there was still lots of crying and stomach pains and LOTS of spit ups. Then Simon had his 8 week doctor's appointment. So there he is laying on the exam table and the doctor is checking his ears and eyes and is working her way down. It is then that she notices a lump in his groin and says right away "He has a hernia". And right away we start questioning whether this is the cause of his crying and stomach issues.

At around 11 weeks old Simon has surgery to repair his inguinal hernia. The procedure went really well and the incision was really small and didn't seem to bother Simon at all. Simon turned into a different baby the day he had the surgery. I could not believe how the surgery fixed my boy. He stopped crying completely. He stopped having stomach pains. AND he even stopped spitting up so much.

Overnight Simon became the wonderful and amazing baby that he is today. We love him to pieces.

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