Funny birthday moments

There were a TON of funny moments over the past few days. Here are some that I actually didn't forget (my memory sucks!):

My parents came over to our place on Isabella's birthday and at some point during the party she turns to my dad and asks, "Do you know any good jokes?"

Yesterday we were getting ready to go to my parents' place and I put on a dress and walked by Isabella who said to me, "Mama, your dress is beautiful. You look like a princess." She is so darn cute.

As she is opening up a birthday gift she asks, "Wow! Did you pick that out yourself?"

This morning Isabella is still on a birthday high and immediately woke up asking to play with her new toys. As we were coming down the stairs to go get breakfast she says, "That was really nice of my friends to buy me presents!"

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, she expected the pile of presents to be there but they weren't so heartbroken, she said, "Oh no! My presents! Somebody must have stole them!"

Isabella could hardly contain her excitement while opening her gifts. She would open something and we'd ask her what it was and she would excitedly say, "I don't know!" It was TOO funny. She had us all cracking up the whole time.

Even Simon was kept amused while Isabella opened her gifts. Thanks Kim and Jen!

Isabella's 'bike' that she's been riding is actually a tricycle and due to the fact that she is so darn tall, we figured it was time for a real bike. She couldn't be happier.

And here she is with her 2 birthday cakes.

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