Poop and boobs

Here is what transpired about 30 minutes ago:

I had put Isabella in the bathtub and went to get Simon undressed so he could go in the bath with his sister. (Aside: my children are both really, really tall for their ages and since I lay Simon down, they have very little room.) As I was undoing Simon's diaper, I came to the quick realization that he had pooped and I said something out loud about yet another poopy diaper (Isabella had an awful one earlier today).

From the bathtub, Isabella asks loudly, "Did the poop go all the way up to his boobs?"

So here is where I must explain...

My mom had Isabella the other day and Isabella had an awful, runny poop that went EVERYWHERE and my mom expressed to Isabella at some point how it was such a bad poop that it went up to her boobs. Isabella forgets NOTHING and so that is where her lovely and thoughtful question above came from.

Thanks Mom!!! :)

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