The end of naps

Isabella has not had an afternoon nap for about a week now.


But at least she is asleep now at around 8pm.

When she was napping bedtime used to be 9:30pm or later.

And that sucked because I would then pass out as soon as she went to sleep - no down time for me.

No naps means Isabella gets a bit grumpy (and sometimes with no notice).

This morning we went to Shoppers Drug Mart and Isabella had a few meltdowns. We were eating lunch back at home and her father and I were discussing with Isabella how we don't like when she gets all grumpy and cranky and miserable.

She joined in with, "And adorable?"


We explained how she is far from being adorable when she is cranky.

I'm hoping she'll get used to not napping and the crankiness will fade away...

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