For all you Desire to Inspire fans...

I was at my parents' place today with my kids and Kim (my twin sister of DTI) was there as well. We had finished dinner and were having dessert - my mom and Kim were sitting next to each other and Isabella was standing between them. Isabella sneezed into her hand and without even the slightest hesitation, she wiped her snotty hand on Kim's arm. Kim shrieked in horror and the panicked look on Isabella's face was priceless. I don't even think Isabella realized what she had done till Kim shrieked...then Kim started laughing to the point where she had tears and Isabella joined in with her (thankful that she wasn't in shit I think). Absolutely hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, here is a picture that Kim took of Simon. It made us both crack up (and therefore blog worthy).

Love the angle of this pic:

And a couple great shots of Isabella:

Lastly, Kim and I feeding a chipmunk:

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  1. Her wiping her sneezed-on hand down my arm without even thinking about was the most hilarious thing EVER. And the grossest.



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