My daughter the chia pet

This morning I was on my way upstairs after giving Simon his bottle and Isabella had just woken up and was heading down the stairs to find us. We all sat on the stairs (because I can't hold His Heaviness for more than like a minute without my arms wanting to fall off) and Isabella looks at me with her sleepy face and says, "Let's just sit here and talk."

So we chatted about her night being babysat by Zia Jenny and Zio Dave (her dad and I went to see the movie District 9 which we quite enjoyed). Simon took this opportunity to reach out and grab a giant handful of Isabella's hair. I pried his hand loose from her hair and he had taken a huge clump out. This happens all the time and I once again joke to Isabella about how one day she's going to lose all her hair because of Simon's infatuation with pulling it.

Isabella then says, "What we're going to have to do is, we're going to have to put some dirt on the top of my head and plant some seeds and then water it lots and then it's going to grow big and tall and then I'll have all my hair back!!!

Yup. So that's how hair grows according to Isabella. I told her we'd get started planting after breakfast. LOL!

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