Oh really...

We were at my parents' place tonight for dinner, and swimming, and to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins (visiting from Guelph). I forgot my camera but as usual, Isabella had us in stitches all night and here is one example:

Pablo (Isabella's dad) said, "Isabella, we've got to pack up. You've got to be in bed in 20 minutes."

"That's what you think!" Isabella responded.


  1. same thing happened to me.. i need a few more hoops so i went to walmart to get some and they had none. i went to michaels and they had none as well. im afraid to go to the craft stores... they're gonna be pricey i think.

    my grandma found me all of mine at the thrift store one day!

    hope you get some soon! will you be posting your project once you're done!

  2. It was michaels that I had been too. I was planning on trying walmart today. I will for sure be posting the completed project. Actually I have bought a ton of stuff on etsy for the kids' rooms lately and I was going to do a post as soon as I get it all organized.



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