Simon and Muffy

Muffy is our cat who is around 14 or 15 years old. She is not doing well these days. She has gotten super skinny and drinks and pees alot (not always in her litter box). I have a feeling she won't make it much longer. In her old age she still craves attention and in the photos below, she was just dying to get affection from Simon. She was bugging Simon for some scratching for a good 20 minutes and Simon was so gentle. It was so cute to watch.


  1. Simon looks so sweet with the kitty.

    My husband has had our cat Shadie since he was 9!! Her kidneys are failing in her old age, and it sounds like Muffy has the same symptoms she did : (
    Make sure she has plenty of water at all the time. Shadie goes through it like crazy!

  2. Thanks Anna!

    All the sinks in the house always have some water at the bottom and I have to keep all the toilet lids up due to Muffy's insatiable thirst. It's so sad. All the best to Shadie the poor thing!

  3. i love your blog! (i came over from desire to inspire) the photos and childrens rooms are great and your daughter is hilarious. can't wait to read more. we don't have children yet but we can't wait!

    i also wanted to comment about your kitty. i agree with the commenter above that said it sounds like kidney failure. my cat died of kidney failure a few years ago, she was 15 years old. plenty of water, soft foods and regular visits to the vet for your sweet muffy. poor kitty.

  4. Rebecca, thanks for enjoying the entertainment that is Isabella.

    So sorry about your cat. How long did your cat live with the kidney failure?...I figured that is what Muffy's problem is but I don't think I can take her to the vet. Since I've had her she has never been to the vet. In all the years since I've had her she has only ever been out of the house I think 4 times and that was when I was moving. She is a very nervous cat and I think a trip to the vet might just kill her and I don't think I can do that to her. I feel bad though but I know she has had a good life. And what is the benefit of soft foods? Muffy has always eaten the same hard food so I don't know if she would eat something different...and this is a cat who won't even eat tuna...

  5. I know how kitties get attached to their food! Our kitty was used to her hard food, too. According to the vet, the hard food is not easy for them to digest and that is where the weight loss comes from... have you noticed a change in Muffy's appetite? Our Sheba did not go outside often either, she was used to the quiet of the indoors. However she had been to visit the vet a few times, and yes, they really hate it. I can see why you would be reluctant to take Muffy. I don't want to scare you or upset you about your kitty. Since she is a nervous cat, it could be just that: nerves. Sadly, out kitty did not last much longer after we found out she was ill. What happened was I noticed the weight loss, she was urinating often and outside of her litter box and then I also noticed she was not her usual self. She was the biggest cuddler ever, always sleeping in bed with me, etc and all of a sudden she did not get into bed anymore, she just seemed more lazy than the usual lazy cat business. I took her to the vet and they said it was very bad and she was basically dying. :( I think it was about a week or so more with her and she was gone. So sad, it was a tough time! This is very common for older cats, I've learned since. Good thoughts to Muffy (and you and your family).

  6. Muffy's certainly doesn't eat as much as she used to...and its been in the last couple months. She howls alot more in the middle of the night running from one sink to another...drives me insane becuase she keeps me up for hours sometimes. I often find big mounds of fur too in the morning when I get up. I've come to terms that I think she is going to go soon. I'm actually surprised she is still here since it's been a couple months now of the frequent urination and other issues. I just don't want her to be in pain or go through any suffering. Thanks for the good thoughts Rebecca - much appreciated.



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