The amazing boo

Today is clean the house and do laundry day. woohoo.

I was talking to my sister Jen on the phone after cleaning all the toys in the basement and while I was talking the dryer buzzed (it was finished). Without even asking her, Isabella went over to the dryer and started pulling out all the clothes. She put them all in a pile for me and I started folding. Once the dryer was empty, she opened up the washing machine and emptied all the wet clothes into the dryer, put a fabric softener sheet in and pushed all the right buttons to start the dryer. I didn't say a word during this process except to congratulate her like crazy when she was all done.

Being lazy Having so little time, I don't fold anyone's underwear. Isabella watched me throw the underwear into the basket and she got mad at me then proceeded to show me how to properly fold underwear.

I promised her I would fold them next time.

Last night I was putting away laundry (never ending in this house) in Simon's room and the boo and the boy were in there with me. Out of the blue Isabella qutoes from her fav movie (Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred, of course), "Now you may not be as flexible as the girls but give me everything you've got!"

I almost peed my pants.

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