The boo

November 2007. Isabella was 16 months old. Loved to play with clothes, blankets, etc. (always made a big mess in no time) and peekaboo was one of her favs.


  1. Cute! But don't forget - you don't "have" to make more videos. Just do them if want to. I think we place too many burdens on ourselves when we think we have to do things.

    The only thing you have to do is enjoy your children and savor each precious moment. And you are doing a fine job of that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My problem was that I'd be too lazy to get out the video camera and after going through all these videos I want to capture as much as I can of the kids. I had forgotten some of the nutty things Isabella used to do and that is my big problem - forgetting. I don't want to forget anything my kids do or say. I have such a bad memory - confirmed when I looked at all the videos. And it is so not a burden to document my kids. I've come to realize that it is necessary and very important.

    Thanks so much Peggy!

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