Bunk beds part 2


  1. These are great, thank you! Gabe just turned 2 so I'm starting to think about moving him out of his crib. But his room is also the guest room with a queen size bed...sigh. He's too little for a bunk bed yet but these give me lots of ideas for the future.

  2. We ended up moving Isabella out of her crib when she was around 1. She never liked her crib and I got fed up. We started her in a little toddler bed but that didn't last too long - she moved too much and would wake up constantly. We had a queen bed in our spare room and decided to try that with her and she has been in it ever since. It was great because it was such a large bed, I didn't worry much about her falling out. We ended up putting the boxspring and mattress on the floor too so it wasn't so high. Bunk beds are so fun and I often think about one day getting her some sort of loft bed or even bunks...



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