Dinner drama

I'm pooped. I just made dinner for myself and Isabella. While I was cooking, Simon needed to eat so I was running back and forth from the stove to the table where Simon was, etc. I finally sat down to eat and continued to feed Simon (I tried to give him peas but he wanted banana instead) and Isabella decided she didn't like what I made for dinner (chicken, mashed potatoes...). Fine so I made her a mini frozen pizza. It was either that or yet another bowl of cheerios. She ate a couple bites of that and refused to eat anymore. And Simon didn't want the banana so I made him a bit of cereal. Then Isabella asked if I would make her pancakes to which I quickly replied with much exasperation that I would be more than delighted to make her some for breakfast tomorrow - with a side of fresh berries. To that she said:

"Oh my gosh. What is your problem?!?!"

Then she came over and rubbed my back.

And I planted a big kiss on her cheek and let out a giant sigh.

I love dinnertime - especially when I'm alone with the boo and the boy...

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