Etsy purchases for Isabella's room

Can I just say how much I love etsy? I really, really love etsy. Maybe too much since I've been buying quite a bit lately (sorry Pablo!). It is all for a good cause - making our house more of a home...LOL. Convincing? My latest purchases have been for redecorating Isabella's room. The plan is to vintage, shabby chic up her room. Fun, fun, fun. It's going to look so cute and girly when it's done! Here's some photos from etsy of what I've bought for her room:

A white bedspread for her bed.

I only have white blinds up in her window and these curtains are just so gorgeous I couldn't resist. They'll soften up her window quite nicely I think.

I fell in love with this chintz fabric. Not exactly sure what I'll use it for (see next photo).

Bought this fabric too. I want to make a headboard for her bed that consists of a piece of fabric hanging above the bed and framed with some painted moulding. The dilemma is whether to use this one or the chintz. Whichever fabric isn't used for the headboard will be used for throw pillows for the bed.

So freaking cute - to sit on her dresser.

More cuteness for on top of the dresser.

And this is for me - because I deserve it! 6 Vera Neumann cotton napkins. Maybe I'll put them in some of the bazillion embroidery hoops I have and hang them...somewhere...



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