I am so annoyed

I have been trying for weeks and weeks to find embroidery hoops for a project for Isabella's room (Simon's too actually). I can't find the stupid things anywhere. The 3 Michael's stores here in Ottawa are sold out. I've tried a bunch of other places too but with no luck. Pablo is going to try Wallack's on his way to work (I'm not hopeful). I need a whole lot of them too...

just needed to vent...


  1. have you tried wal-mart's craft section?

  2. i had a bunch from my g-ma but needed a few more.. i bought them from ebay. check there!

  3. I tried Wal-mart and they only had the neon coloured plastic ones. Bleh.

    I had a look on etsy this aft and found a few (didn't buy them yet)...ebay was next!


  4. I don't know if you have benjamin franklin crafts or Jo-Ann Fabrics near you, but I have seen them there. I just checked online and they have them available online as well. their prices are very reasonable.

  5. J. Fudo - I'm in Canada and have never heard of those stores. I did look them up and it looks like they only ship to the states. Thanks anyway for the suggestions!



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