Isabella filled day

Isabella had her 3 year doctor's appointment today. She is 40 lbs and 3 feet 5 inches tall. The doctor asked if she gets mistaken for a 4 year old. I said no that she gets mistaken for a 5 year old. LOL. Oh my large children...

At the doctor's, we were asked if we have smoke detectors at our house and we said yes and Isabella was quick to add, "The smoke detector went off when mom burned the toast!" And it did LIKE A WHOLE MONTH AGO. This kid forgets NOTHING.

After the doctors appointment, we went to see Isabella's new cousin Blue (who is almost 2 weeks old). He is so darn cute and little and cuddly. Isabella wouldn't leave him alone. We were driving over a bridge to get to his house and Isabella exclaimed, "I can see for miles!"

We were driving home and Isabella kept saying 'chicken breast' and would then laugh out loud. An Isabella random act of weirdness.

I'm at my parents' place right now and during dinner Isabella said to my mom, "Ask me how my doctors appointment went." So my mom asked her.
Isabella's response was, "The doctor said I'm a healthy little girl!"

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