I decided that it was about time to go through all the video we've taken since we bought our video camera a couple years ago (thanks Peggy!). I've spent over two days sorting through it and making little video clips that I can post here. I'll start posting some very soon.

Isabella thought it was so strange seeing videos of herself when she was much smaller. Some of the videos where she would be whining or crying she would run over to the computer to look and then she started crying because she thought it was so sad...talk about sensitive! There was even one clip she came over to look at where I had put her in a laundry basket when she was around one year old - she looked at it and started crying and said, "Mommy, you have to get me out of that basket!" In the video she was having fun in the basket so I don't know why she freaked out looking at it. So I basically tried to keep her away from the computer while I was working on the videos. All this just made me realize that I have to take way more video than I do now. I only found one video of Simon! Now that he is crawling and soon to be talking, etc. I have to be more diligent about capturing it all on video.

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