My 3 year old is in love with Jillian Michaels

I kid you not. She is obsessed. I've already posted here and here and I think I've posted more on this topic but I can't find the other posts... Anyway, tonight at dinner she decided to recite some more from the 30 Day Shred workout dvd and it went on forever so I grabbed a pen and paper and told her to start over so I could write it down. She rolled her eyes at me but was otherwise happy to oblige.

"With our dynamic stretching this means that we're opening up the muscles with movement, okay?"
"We never want to do static stretches or the workout is over."
"Right into jumping jacks. HIT IT!"
"Give me everything you've got! Now shake it out!"

I had taped the Biggest Loser from the other night and I said this afternoon to Isabella that we can watch a show with Jillian Michaels in it and OMG she started jumping up and down and was like REALLY? OH CAN WE?! And she sat and watched all 2 hours of it with me.



  1. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. This. This is something you need to video.

  2. Jacqui - I was thinking the same thing...I'll get her all dressed in sweats and play some music in the background and get her to recite it...omg that would be hilarious!

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