Thanksgiving '09

A big thank you to my mom ('Nonna') for the wonderful turkey dinner. As always it was SO freaking delicious. Here's a bunch of photos taken by Kim and I of the kids...

Kim taking a picture of me taking a picture
Simon doing 'sucky baby'
Simon has the most gorgeous hair...
goofy nut
oh so cute
Simon has always been mesmerized by my parents' ceiling fan (which he is staring at and praying to???)
Simon and his cousin Jocelyn
He has a thing for windows...especially ones he can see out of
Simon and his Zia Jenny
Simon trying to go head first into the toy box but Zia Kim holding him back
Zia Kim bugging Simon
Zia Kim asked Isabella to give her a serious look and this is what she got...
and then this...
eating her capelletti soup (thanks Nonna!)
making a fruit salad
Isabella being nosy with her Zia Jenny


  1. Nice pictures. What a nut Miss Isabella was being with her "serious" pictures! Ha!

  2. Thanks Jacqui! Little Miss Isabella is known for her nutiness...the challenge is trying to get the nutiness on camera!



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