Halloween 2009

Oh what fun it was! The kids looked so adorable in their costumes. Simon wore Isabella's skunk costume from Halloween 2007 and Isabella went as a lion. Both their costumes were from Old Navy and I just love them because they are so padded and warm so you don't have to worry too much about putting the kids in lots of layers. A big thank you to my sister Jen and her fiance Dave for having us over at their place and to my parents for helping out. Pablo had to work unfortunately, so I needed all the help I could get to take the kids out.

Here is Isabella wearing the skunk costume in 2007:
And here is Simon wearing the costume last night:

Here are the kids with my parents right before we headed out trick-or-treating:
And me and the kiddos (yup my eyes are closed...go figure):

And off we went...the first few houses my sister would go up to the door with Isabella, but being the stubborn and independent girl that she is, Isabella would make us stop partway up the driveways and would command that we stay. "I can go by myself. I don't need any help." - was often said by the lion. At every house (without being told) she would say the usual 'trick or treat' and would very often remember to say 'thank you'. We would always ask her if she said thank you and a couple times she replied 'Oh! I forgot!" and would run back up the driveway to say thank you. The homeowners found that quite amusing. After EVERY house she would ask to go to the next one...almost like at any moment we were going to drag her home and the fun would end. The plan was to let her go till she asked to go home...

Here she is in action:

What I found hilarious was the fact that she wanted to be at the door all by herself. If other people were already at the door getting candy she would wait for them to get out of her way and then she would go up to the door BY HERSELF (because god forbid people crowd her space):
(I had forgotten to get appropriate trick-or-treating bags, hence the Roots plastic bag)

Simon spent most of the time in his stroller:
and then he got bored and was held here by my sister Jen (which doesn't last long at 30ish pounds!):

and it was all business in between houses:

When she realized that she had been collecting candy in a bag WHICH SHE COULD EAT, it was game over. All she wanted was to go back to my sister's and dig in. The whole way back she was loudly roaring like a lion and making everyone laugh. Here is her lion impression:

Can't wait for next Halloween when Simon will be walking and Isabella will be that much more nutty and humourous than she already is...hope y'all had a good Halloween!!!


  1. OMG I just made the connection...when I started eating candy, she decided she was done. what a cutie!
    Jen(the aunt)

  2. Oh, This was awesome Halloween presentation. So funny, so entertaining. Isbella's impression looks really like a lion. Love to enjoy such humor. In addition to Simon and she looks really gorgeous in their skunk costumes. I believe this was an amazing experience here on your family friendly environment. I would like to drop my heartwarming thanks to you all. Oho, indeed I enjoyed Isabella's trick to say 'Thank you'. Love this very much. My browsing intention was to have some great design and color ideas about front doors, but I love to appreciate your great gift to your numerous fans and users.



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