Christmas 2009

Oh what a Christmas it was! The one major downfall was that both kids were sick - especially Isabella. She was up most of the night Christmas Eve with a fever and woke up Christmas morning feeling pretty awful and unrested (ditto the unrested part). Despite being sick with a bad cold, Simon was his normal cheerful self (thank goodness!). As it turned out, I didn't take that many Christmas photos of Isabella due to the fact that she was miserable/whiny/crying/snotty most of the day. Anyway, here is a collection of some of the photos taken on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Soon to come...photos of the Christmas gifts!

Kim helping Simon open his gifts at our place Christmas Eve

Had to make a little tear in the paper then Simon went to town!

Simon opened up this sock donkey then started cuddling with it. He then lay down on the floor to cuddle with it some more.

This photo depicts Isabella's Christmas spirit PERFECTLY!

Now onto the Christmas Day photos...

Here Isabella and I are helping Simon open his stocking

Isabella realized the stocking was all for Simon and left us alone

Simon bird watching

Isabella showing off her Dora toothpaste

Pablo and Simon

Simon and yours truly

Isabella peeking at all the gifts

And here they are...

The boys (my dad on the right)

Simon got a kick out of this new toy from Zia Kim

Cutie pie

The boy was good at unwrapping

Simon was very good at keeping himself amused...

Attempting to walk

Isabella and Zia Kim

Isabella and Nonna

Isabella showing off her new clothes


  1. I really like your all Christmas photos specially your baby picture. The baby looks stunning in green wear.
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