Her love for computers and cell phones

Isabella is totally obsessed with computers and cell phones. If she sees a cell phone, she insists that you let her have it so she can look at it and go figure, push the buttons. The fun part is trying to take the phone away from her. Most times this involves bribery that includes chocolate of some sort.

Her obsession with computers mainly started when the kids and I stayed with my parents the week that Pablo had the swine flu. My mom has a desk in her kitchen and on it was her laptop. Isabella started tinkering with it and by the end of the first day of tinkering, she knew how to open a browser window and click on the bookmark to this blog, her Zia Kim's blog, our flickr pics and Zia Kim's flickr pics. She knew how to scroll down so that when she was on this blog she would scroll down and click on the 'video' label on the right side and then she would get a page of all the videos of her and Simon. She then learned how to play and pause the videos.

When Isabella had the urge to type, she was taught how to open MS Word from the icon on the desktop. She quickly learned how to change the font size and colour which she can do without help.

It's quite amazing to watch her use the computer. The only problem is, she has little patience, so if she opens a browser window and it doesn't open right away, she clicks the icon again. Many times she has quite a few windows open. We taught her how to click on the 'X' in the top right hand corner of a window to close it and she does this by herself (unless she opens up like 100 windows and then she is too bored to close them all).

She is so freaking smart.


  1. Isn't it amazing what they can do? And it looks so easy for them.

    Gabe is always taking Joe's iphone and he's figured out how to open the slide lock to get to the good stuff. You know, like calling 911.

  2. Isabella can use a computer better than my mom can. It's ridiculous. And how easily she can use the mouse! I'm still in shock...

    I'm waiting for the day she figures out 911...YIKES!



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