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Yesterday morning, my mom came by to take the kids to her house. While she waited for Isabella to wake up, my mom went into the kitchen to feed Simon breakfast. Pablo went upstairs to sleep before his next shift at work.

As my mom was feeding Simon she heard a weird noise that seemed to happen about every 5 seconds. At first my mom thought there was something wrong with the fridge but a quick inspection proved this wasn't the case. Then my mom thought it might be the cat (who is not doing well these days). The noise wasn't coming from the cat.

My mom realized the noise was coming from upstairs. To be more exact, she discovered that the noise was coming from sleeping Pablo. SNORING. LOUD. A NOISE THAT SHOULD NOT BE MADE BY A HUMAN. She was in shock. I explained to my mom that the more tired Pablo seems to be, the louder he snores and yesterday morning he was REALLY tired. And I deal with this nightly. And I am a VERY light sleeper. I was actually glad to have someone witness what I have heard many a night. I've told Pablo how bad it can be but I'm not sure if he actually believed me...until now.

So if anyone out there has any suggestions to help Pablo with his snoring then PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.


  1. Sorry Julia - I'm in the same boat...His head isn't even touching the pillow and it starts. Then he has the nerve to tell me that he's not sleeping...Please!
    Can't live with them, can't live without them. Certainly can't sleep with them!

  2. I wish I had a great answer but my husband is the same and I'm a light sleeper too. It's worse if he's tired. I've even taped him and played it back!

    His snoring got a little better after he lost weight and it's better if he's not laying on his back. He used to have a really good snore guard from the dentist but it broke and the one they replaced it with sucks. We actually got some over the counter (you boil it and then mold it to your teeth) but it's more restrictive and he doesn't really like it.

    Sometimes I resort to the guest bed in Gabe's room. Sorry I don't have a great answer. :-(

  3. LOL - you guys crack me up. At least I know I'm not the only one dealing with this insanity!

    Pablo has a mouth guard thingy too from the dentist but he never wears it (I think it was to prevent him from grinding his teeth...).

    Not only do I deal with the snoring but both kids wake me up in the night and the damn cat meows in the hall upstairs during the night too. Added to that is my waking up when Pablo gets in from work very late at night. Next thing I know, I've been woken up like 5 or 6 times and my stupid alarm is going off at 5am for me to get up for work.

    I have gone to sleep in Isabella's room many a night...

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  5. i heart breath right strips. dave uses them every night, and it cuts the snoring down a bunch. get the name brand kind.

    also, you know that thing you put in a crib to keep a kid on its side? make something like it... roll up a towel or something and make pabs sleep with it beside him to prevent him from rolling on his back.

    let me know how it goes

  6. I'll have to get Pablo to try those strips. As for getting him to not sleep on his back...that is going to be a challenge I think. Thanks Jen!

  7. When I nudge my husband and tell him he's snoring, he often tells me that he wasn't even asleep and therefoure couldn't have been snoring. My dad's a snorer, too, and my mom often moves to the guest room--but I think his has to do with sleep apnea; he doesn't snore when he's using his breathing machine. (I think my hubby has sleep apnea, too--I can't pay attention to his breathing when I'm tying to fall asleep--before he starts snoring--because I'll freak out when he seems to take forever to inhale.

  8. Jena, my husband also says all the time that he wasn't asleep and couldn't have been snoring. (Why can't they just admit it?!?!?) I've listened to Pablo's breathing and it can be so irregular (and has freaked me out too!). I think I'll have to do some research on sleep apnea...

    Thanks for your comments Jena!



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