New addition to the family

I came home from work today and Pablo told me there was a surprise (a late Christmas gift) waiting for me in our bedroom (TEEHEE). I walk into the bedroom and see this:

Pablo bought a 40 inch tv and mounted it on the wall (let me correct that - our neighbour Mike mounted it on the wall - Pablo is not a handyman at all). We had a 32 inch tv on that table that is below the tv in the photo. Pablo never thought it was big enough and I never understood that. I mean it's the bedroom. Who cares?!?!?! I guess he does and who am I to say anything...I did get a new laptop for Christmas so he can enjoy his new tv. I think the 32 inch is going to one day (hopefully soon) make its new home in the kitchen. The kitchen is the last room that could use a tv and could make cooking that much more enjoyable.

I can't forget to add that the photo above reminds me of how our bedroom needs ALOT of work. And since the kids rooms are pretty much done then that just might be my next project...

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