What transpired over the last hour (WARNING: SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Isabella was playing in the basement and Simon and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I realized that the dishwasher needed emptying and I yelled down to Isabella, "Want to come up and help put the dishes away?"

Isabella quickly responded, "YES PLEASE! I would love to come up and help!"

Up she came and after putting away one spoon, Isabella ran back downstairs saying that she didn't have time to help me out anymore.

Dinner was ready and I called for Isabella and no response. I yelled again and no response. I went downstairs and noticed her standing by the wall with 'that look' on her face. OMG SHE WAS SHITTING IN HER UNDERWEAR!

I marched her pooping highness up to the bathroom with the shower and made her get in. After 10 minutes of cleaning up the giant disaster and me swearing a whole lot under my breath, we made our way back to the kitchen. (During this whole horrible poop business, Simon was sitting in his highchair in the kitchen and he hadn't given him anything to keep him entertained since I was about to serve him dinner. He did not make a peep THE WHOLE TIME - and he was all alone in the kitchen for a good 10-15 minutes). Once back in the kitchen, I looked over at Simon and he was leaning forward in his chair with his hands crossed on his tray drumming his fingers as if to say "Hey lady! How dare you make me sit here all by myself!"

We sit down to eat dinner and I give Isabella a bowl of stew and start feeding Simon some too. Over the last couple of weeks, Simon has entered a 'must eat all by myself thank you very much' phase so I gave in and handed him the bowl of stew which, thank the good lord, was not very runny. He polished off the bowl (I must have cleaned his hands about 15 different times in between bites cause I'm anal like that) and he started moaning so I went and cut up a banana into a bowl and gave that to him. When he was done with that, he started scrapping the bottom of the bowl with his fingers and stared at me. I got the hint and dumped a bunch of grapes in his bowl. He polished that off and started scrapping the bottom of the bowl again and then when I didn't react fast enough, Simon picked up the bowl and turned it upside down and stared up into it and then glared at me. I got it alright - LOUD AND CLEAR. He's so freaking lucky that he's cute...

Is it bedtime yet?!?!?!?!


  1. OMG! That is so funny! What a good eater Simon is too! Your evenings sound as hectic as mine are... I'm glad I found your blog and someone to relate to :)

  2. eww. i can just hear her "sorry mommy, sorry mommy!".

  3. Welcome Miki! Stop by often...it's going to get nuttier on this here blog as Simon gets older!

    Jen - so true. You know your niece well!

  4. Poor mommy! I hope you followed up with a big glass of wine!

  5. I wish, Collette!...but Pablo wasn't home so I wasn't sure which were the 'openable' bottles as opposed to the 'special occasion only' bottles. DAMN. I should get him to label the bottles for me...

  6. Sounds like it was a special occasion to me!

  7. I would totally agree with you whereas Pablo might think otherwise - especially when it comes to a $200 bottle of wine.



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