5 years ago today...

Pablo and I got married! How time flies and how crazy the last few years have been...

We met at a Canada Day party in 2003.
Moved in together soon after.
Engaged in the fall 2004.
Decided in early January 2005 to get married the following month.
Married February 11 2005.
Became pregnant with Isabella, early September 2005.
Gave birth to 'the boo' July 2 2006.
Bought our first house in October 2006.
Moved into our new house in April 2007.
Became pregnant with Simon, early February 2008.
Gave birth to the 'the boy' November 5 2008.
2009 was pretty uneventful really.
This year, Pablo FINALLY left the restaurant industry to take on a DAY JOB!
I went from working full-time to part-time. YAY!

Who knows what the rest of the year will have in store for us. Only good things I hope.

Happy anniversary Pablo! I love you very much.



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