I'm warning y'all - this is not going to be pretty.

I'll start with last night. Simon didn't want to eat very much dinner last night. Strange since he always has a good appetite. Gave the kids a bath after dinner and then they played for a bit. Simon went for a poop during playtime and it was really runny and SUPER stinky. Right before bed, I fed Simon some baby cereal. He was acting a bit off but I didn't think much of it (stupid me). I take the tray off his highchair and lift him up to bring him upstairs to bed and doesn't he projectile vomit ALL OVER HIMSELF AND ME. I just about died. It hit my neck, hair and went down into my shirt since lucky me, I was wearing a v-neck shirt. Then as I begin to holler to Pablo for help (who was in the basement with Isabella), Simon pukes again all over me since I am still holding him. And if that wasn't enough, he does it A THIRD TIME. ALL OVER ME.

Now I'm pretty good at handling puke but this almost made me pass out, probably because it was dripping down into my bra. By the time Pablo came upstairs I was losing my mind. I just stood there holding Simon, who was crying at this point, and I wasn't quite sure what to do. If I started walking upstairs, there would have been a rather large disgusting trail. And we have carpet starting at the stairs to go upstairs...

So I sat on the kitchen floor and stripped Simon down to his diaper and I very slowly took off my shirt and dumped everything on the floor and slowly carried Simon upstairs for his second bath of the evening. He calmed down right away and wasn't sick again.

I didn't sleep well all night because anytime Simon would move in his sleep, I listened to hear if he was going to be sick again. This morning he ate his normal helping for breakfast and then we all packed up and drove Pablo to the hospital for his surgery.

Onto the other reason why this post has graphic content...

I'm going to need to get into some detail here and that's good because I need to start keeping track of Pablo's medical issues. There have been SO many medical issues, I can't even begin to keep them all straight - hence where this blog comes in handy.

For quite some time, Pablo has been unable to pee straight. It goes everywhere and he always has to sit down to pee in order to contain the direction somewhat. Two surgeries later and still the problem persists. Pablo was told that he has Lichen Sclerosus. Today is surgery number 3 to fix this problem and they are going to have to do a skin graft (from the inside of his cheek I think) and some other procedures that I can't even begin to write about because of the graphic detail. It's a day surgery so I'll have to go pick him up later today.

I am VERY grateful for the fact that we were able to get pregnant with our two kiddos as quickly as we did considering Pablo's issues in his 'sensitive area' (he also had a testicle removed when he was 18).

I pray that all goes well with this surgery and that the recovery isn't too bad...

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