Happy valentine's day!

(Is it wrong that I found this card funny?)

I am enjoying this weekend alone with my kiddos. Pablo left Friday morning to go out of town for work and he won't be back till late tonight dinnertime tomorrow. Very strange not having him around. My nights are much more quiet since I don't get woken up to super loud snoring. Friday night I had the kids fast asleep by 7:45 (YES!) and I curled up in bed and tried to find something to watch on tv. The only thing I could find was Gorillas in the Mist. I quite liked it. Saturday morning the kids and I got our butts in gear and we managed to get to the grocery store down the street by 9am. I'm so proud of myself. As I was putting away the groceries back at home, Isabella randomly stated, "This is the best day of my whole life." I'm so glad she gets that excited over grocery shopping (I HATE grocery shopping).

Last night I made Turkey Goulash. I had a wicked craving for pasta and since this recipe is healthy I thought I'd try it. I stole the photo from Kim since she has the time to take nice photos of food she makes and I sure as heck do not.

Simon kept spitting out the pieces of zucchini and Isabella didn't care to eat them either. What was really fantastic was near the end of the meal...Isabella started gagging then threw up into her bowl of pasta. The meal ended right there. She kept apologizing and then asked for some chocolate.

Anyway, happy valentine's day to my kiddos and to my husband. I love you all tremendously.


  1. I think that "love you like a fat kid loves cake" is a line from a 50cent song....if you can believe! I love it.

  2. HA! Then it's funnier than I thought! Thanks kk!



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