Simon moments

Yesterday Simon was really not feeling well. He had a fever on and off all day, was really grouchy and had no appetite. He's doing much better this morning. When he woke up I took him down to the basement and we watched American Idol that I taped from last night. He loves watching people sing and before and after the contestants would sing, the audience would clap and Simon clapped right along every time. He was shaking his hips too during the songs while we snuggled.

Once Isabella woke up, I took Simon upstairs so that I could get ready for that day. I put him in his crib with some books. While I was in the bathroom (right outside Simon's room) I could hear him say 'vroom vroom' so I went into his room and looked at the book in his lap and there was a fire truck on the page. I asked him to show me where the truck was and he pointed down to the fire truck. That made my morning.

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