They didn't like my soup

For dinner tonight, I made wonton soup.

I've made it before and really enjoyed it. It's pretty easy to make - except when you have two rambunctious kids in the kitchen with you. I was REALLY hoping the kids would eat it. Simon kept spitting out anything that wasn't broth and Isabella took a couple small bites with a disgusted look on her face. 

Isabella  tried to tell me it was good (like a good daughter should do!) but she had a hard time telling me with a straight face. I told her she didn't have to eat it and I went to go heat them up some leftover mashed potatoes (Isabella's favourite food). 

"Mom, are you mad at me for not eating your soup?" Isabella asked.

I laughed and told her that I was actually very happy with her since she at least tried it. 

"Do you still love me?" she asked.

"Most definitely!" I answered. 

"Does that mean yes?" she asked.

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