100th kids' rooms post - my top 10

Holy moly. I've done 100 posts of kids' rooms. That's well over 1000 photos (I do at the very least 10 photos per post). I went through all of them and chose 10 that really stood out for me, and here they are (in no particular order):




  1. I love the first pic do you know where I can found this beautiful rainbow carpet ??

  2. I believe it's Ikea's Strib carpet but I'm not sure if they sell it anymore...

  3. I adore the creativity and talent that went into putting this together. fantastic work Regarding the incredible "Pop-It" Corner, my essay writing Company in United States only query is: If everything is attached to the wall, how do you reset the bubbles once the child has pushed them all in one direction? I'd be curious to learn the secret to that.

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