When Isabella was young, we were having dinner where we all clinked glasses and said 'cheers'. She wanted to do it too so we showed her how it was done. We were doing this a few weeks ago and Simon picked up his sippy cup and held it out for someone to touch with their glass.

This morning at breakfast, the kids and I were eating and I hear Simon say 'chiz'. I look over and he's got both hands wrapped around his sippy cup and he's holding it out to me. I grab my coffee cup and touch it to his sippy cup and say 'cheers'. He says 'chiz' right back to me and takes a big gulp from his cup.

He's so stinkin' cute.

(Unrelated: Simon has been walking around with a small jar of Body Shop cream for almost 2 hours now. He even had to have it on his tray while he was eating. I tried to move it but he wouldn't hear of it.)

Update to the unrelated comment above: it is now dinnertime (10 hours after the discovery of the cream jar) and lookie what we have here...



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