The house that Sixx Design built

Sixx Design is a company made up of married designers (Robert and Cortney Novogratz) who can renovate the heck out of rundown properties. They also have a fabulous book, Downtown Chic, which I own and love to pieces (my sister's blog is also mentioned in the book, p.20). This couple's home was featured in New York Social Diary. It's definitely a family home - they have 7 kids under the age of 13. I want this house. Bad.


  1. I hear ya. I love the girls' rooms especially and the rugs. Stunning. Wonder where they hide all the kids? ;P

  2. If only I could find beds like in the girls' rooms in these photos but alas, Ottawa has NOTHING. Their home is so huge, I think it'd be easy to lose a kid...or seven.

  3. cool urban chic....really interesting!

  4. me encanta!, tu blog tambien!, un abrazo



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